Assignment 1
Using iPods in the Classroom
This article is about how an elementary school in Florida uses iPods throughout the grades. When I read articles like this it makes me feel like there is so much more I could be doing in terms of using technology in the classroom. It talks about how they started using iPods after buying them with grant money. That would be something worth looking in to.
This web page offers some ideas on how to use iPods in the early childhood classroom. The uses are categorized into the following areas; music, listening centers, podcasting and then additional resources. I found this site to be somewhat interesting and appreciate the fact that it helped me spark some of my own ideas about using iPods in my kindergarten classroom; as a way to organize my classroom music into different play lists and as a way to engage students in literacy centers. I also liked the home-school connection program that is mentioned on this page. What a neat way to share a wide variety of stories with the students and their families.
I found this web site and thought it was worth mentioning because it offers a detailed list of ways in which you can “transform your iPod into a learning device”. Take a look and see if you can find something that you can use in your classroom.
On this web page a teacher shares her love and excitement for the iPod. She shares ideas about what you can do with an iPod in the classroom and also has an area where she posts ideas of how others have used iPods in their classrooms. At the bottom of the page she has a list of resources.
This article is about the Robert E Willis Elementary School and how they are engaging their students through technology. I am amazed at the amount of technology they have and use on a daily basis. How exciting! I was especially interested in the long distance learning experiences that their 2nd grade students have the opportunity to be a part of. In addition to the written article there is also a video clip that provides additional information about the school. Will this be what schools of the future are like?
This web site is a resource for education technology. It has iPod activity and lesson ideas, a blog that contains all sorts of tips about iPods, a section all about podcasting, and much more. Personally I did not find anything too exciting on this web site but I came across it in several of my searches so I figured I would include it on my list.
This link is to a video on how an elementary school is using iPods as a test taking tool with special education students. They talk about how using an iPod to administer a test to a student who has difficulty reading empowers the student by allowing the student to work on the test at their own pace and to be independent in doing so. Using the iPod in this way also frees up the teacher from having to read the test and gives the teacher the opportunity to watch the student engage in the test taking process. I could see this technique working with some of our kindergarten assessments as well.
At this link you will find ways to “transform your classroom with an iPod. On this web site there are links to a variety of podcasts; student consumed, student created and teacher tools. A few of the links don’t seem to be working correctly but there are some additional podcasting resources posted on this site that might be worth checking out.
At this link you will find a video about how a music teacher uses iPods with 1st grade students. I like the “listening lounge” idea and love the excitement that the kids have about using the iPods. I can see using iPods in a listening center as a way to differentiate what students are working on and to get them excited about their learning activities.
On this web page you will find summary information about 10 educational podcasts. The summary information includes what the podcast is BEST FOR, WHY IT”S WORTH IT and WHERE TO FIND IT. I am going to check out the Wild Animal Chronicles myself and see how I can tie them into our ALIVE unit.

Assignment 3
Finding a Podcast to use in the Classroom

In my kindergarten classroom we are currently studying habitats so I searched the iTunes store for podcasts that I could use to go along with our discussions about habitats. Mixed in with the Sesame Street Podcasts I came across Word on the Street: Cactus with Murray

This is a video podcast that talks about what a cactus is. It also takes viewers on e a trip to Arizona to explore the desert habitat. When I showed the podcast in my classroom I stopped it once it got to the commercial because the last couple of minutes are not about the desert habitat.

Although Sesame Street can be viewed as being “babyish” in the eyes of some kindergarteners I still liked this podcast (and feel that the students did too) because it gives the students the opportunity to hear what others have to say about a cactus as well as giving them the chance to take a trip to the desert. It was another way to help bring the desert to life for my students.

Assignment 4
iPod Unit Plan

Assignment 5
Creating Podcasts

Student Podcast

As a fun way to encourage students to use a lot of details when they were writing descriptive passages we made WHO AM I? podcasts. The students read their work and then worked with the teacher to change their voices (speed and pitch) so it would no longer sound like them. We then played the podcasts for the class. The students had to listen carefully to the clues (details) and try to guess who was being described in each podcast.

Teacher Podcast

This is a word work podcast that can be used during our literacy center time. It allows students to work at their own pace as they listen for sounds that are the same at the beginning, middle, and end of words.